Apologist One who makes an apology; one who speaks or writes in defense of a faith, a cause, or an institution; especially, one who argues in defense of Christianity.

Apostasy 1) The public abandoning of a religious faith, especially Christianity, for another. 2) A similar abandoning of a doctrine or party. [from Latin from Greek apostasia, renunciation]

Apostate 1) One who has forsaken the faith, principles, or party, to which he before adhered; esp, one who has forsaken his religion for another; a pervert; a renegade. 2) One who, after having received sacred orders, renounces his clerical profession.

The dove Noah released from the ark soared across the wide seas that engulfed the world, found no roost, and sought again the refuge of the great vessel. So man has departed from the truths of the bible, using wings of independence to seek distant horizons. But like the weary dove, through the years many have returned to the changeless certainty of God's Word following years of aimless flight. As one generation begins to drift from the Gospel, the following generation finds it anew, clinging tenaciously to its teachings as though they were the first to discover them.


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Faith disrupts, and where public disruption isn't observable, faith hasn't occurred. If as believers we nevertheless protest that we have faith, we are theologians; if we know how to describe faith, we are poets; if we weep in describing faith, actors. But only as we witness for the truth and against untruth are we actually possessed of faith (adapted from "Luther's Return," Parables of Kierkegaard, 1978).

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 Got Jesus?

 Jim Elliot is credited with one of the most poignant summaries of commitment to Christ ever penned: "He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep (this temporal life) to gain what he cannot lose (eternal life with Christ)."


...ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem,

and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost

part of the earth. Acts 1:8

17 Ways No-one Will Go to Heaven
A Testimony is nice, but witness the Gospel
Jesus Claims to be God (Chart)
Breaking Through the 'Relativity Barrier'
The Gospel Presented With Definitions (added 4/8/02)
In God We Trust! (added 5/23/07)
Hospitality Evangelism (added 5/23/07)
How To Become A Child Of God
How to Preach, Teach, and Witness
How to evangelize a friend
Personal Aims
Prerequisites for Revival (added 10/30/02)
Seven Keys Terms to Effective Outreach
Speaking to the Hearts and Minds of Unchurched People
Ten Questions to Ask to Turn a Conversation Toward the Gospel
Terror Evangelism
Witnessing to the cultist
Witnessing to Jews
Witnessing to Liberals
Witnessing to New Agers


Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.

1 Timothy 4:13

24 Hour Days of Genesis
101 Cleared up Contradictions in the Bible
Answering Objections
Apologetics, Truth, and Humility
Can You Spot False Doctrine?
Christianity & Liberalism by J. Gresham Machen
A Cumulative Case for Christianity
Defense of the Christian Faith
The Deity of the Holy Spirit
The Difference between Evangelicals and Liberals
Doctrine, Who Needs it?
Exposing Error: Is It Worthwhile?
History And Faith by J. Gresham Machen
How To Try The Spirits
Identifying a Cult
Into the mind of cult apologists
Legalism and the Authority of Scripture
Nature of God
Online viewable after life study chart
Overcoming Objections to Self-determinism (Free-will)
Overcoming Arguments for Hard Determinism (predestination).
Rightly Interpreting the Bible
Scripture Twisting Methods of the Cults
Six Enemies Of Apologetic Engagement
The Skeletal Basis of Predestination and Freedom (updated 3/1/05)
The Trinity Visualized (added 3/17/02)
Use of Language in God-Talk (added 2/9/05)
Why is Doctrine Important? The Difference of Law and Grace
Why is it important for a Christian to use their mind?
World Views


For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;

but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers,

having itching ears. 2 Timothy 4:3

Why do Christadelphians and JW's discredit the glory that Jesus Christ is due? (7/9/01)



Inpiration? (Liberalism)

Exposé of the New Age

Brainwashing in America

The Sacred Name Game

The Hebrew Roots Movement

Christian Universalism, All the (((all's))) all covered (updated 10/8/01)

A Brief Systematic Look at Universalism (updated 12/19/00)
A Former Universalist Speaks
After life Chart (updated 3/12/01)
An open letter to all who hold Universal Reconciliation to be true
A Theological Look at Universalism
A Challenge to the Universalist
Charles G. Finney on Universalism
The Craig-Bradley Debate -Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
God's will and Universalism (updated 5/20/01)
Hell, Every Which Way But Loose
Heresies in Soteriology
Historical Background of Universalism Doctrine and Growth (added 2/28/02)
How do non universalists interpret the declaration that God is love? (updated 6/20/01)
Is Universalism Biblical?
The Nature of God
Off Site Link to Tom Logan's Counter Universalism Web Site
The Omnipresence of God in Hell (updated 8/23/01)
Origen, Unorthodox Church Father
The Ragamuffin Gospel 
The Hebrew Concept of Time and aionios and aion (updated 4/10/01)
Dialogue with Tom Talbott
Tom Talbott (universalist, UR) vs. Eric Landstrom (evangelical)
Tom Talbott's Universalism
Talbott's Universalism Once More
Is Universalism in the White House?
Universalism is an Interesting Study (added 7/31/01)
Universalism it isn't about love -but fear (updated 9/21/01)
The Universalist's Salvation
Universal Resurrection—Not Universal Salvation (added 4/15/07)

Reasoning with Jehovah's Witnesses

Who Is Your Mediator?
Jehovah's Witnesses and the Name Jehovah
Jehovah's Witnesses Kidnapped My Jesus (added 6/13/02)
JW Disfellowship Letter (added 6/13/02)
JW Primer & Tract
The New World Translation

What is up with the Pope's inverted cross (updated 11/7/03)

Catholics take out one of the Ten Commandments!
The Differences Between Catholics and Protestants
Is There A Purgatory?
Interfaith Roads Leading to Rome
On Whom Is The Church Founded?
Pope John Paul II Rejects Reality of a Literal Hell
Roman Catholic Charismatics
The Present-Day Official Teachings Of The Roman Catholic Church
Thus Saith Vatican Council II

A River Against Mormons

Understanding Muslims


But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine. Titus 1:1

A Parable
Brief commentary of James 4:1-8
The Covenantal Structure of the Bible (added 7/20/01)
Christian Discipleship and Sin (added 12/29/07) new
Ephesians 6:10-17: Spiritual Warfare and the Celestial City of God (added 10/30/02)
Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (added 1/21/08)new
Expository Sermon Philippians 2:5-11
The Function of Faith (added 12/29/02)
Future State of the Wicked
Habakkuk -An Outline
Hebrew Poetry (added 12/24/02)
Hell glorifies God
How Jesus Displayed God's Love
Introduction of Biblical Typology (added 1/2/02)
Is there Reality a place called Hell?
Jesus Before the Bar: The Trial of Jesus (added 9/27/02)
Job -An Outline
John 6 Overview (added 12/1/05)
Jude, an outline
The False teachers of Jude 8-16 (added 12/29/03)
Judge not (PDF)
The Last Judgment
Messianic Prophecies
A Model For Christian Maturity (added 12/27/02)
Nature and Classifications of Angels
New Testament Epistles in Chronological Order Chart
The Omnipresence of God in Hell (updated 8/23/01)
The Parables of Jesus
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (added 4/8/07)
Revelation 20:11-15 (updated 11/7/00)
The Risk/Return Ratio of Theological Education
Romans 9:30-33 Commentary
Thessalonians -An Outline of the Epistles
SATAN Is Alive And Well
The Serpent of Genesis 3
Seven Qualities Added Onto the Believer After Salvation According to Peter (added 11/14/03)
What Does the Bible say about Hell?
What Is Hell Like?
Why Join a Church? (added 12/21/02)
After life Chart (updated 1/5/01)

False Doctrine

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;

that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes,

and prudent in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20,21

101 Questions for Campbellites
Cessation or Continuation of the Spiritual Gifts: Exposition of: 1 Cor 13:8-13 (updated 5/9/01)
NEOTHEISM: The Dangers of Making God in Our Image 
A Response to the 'Gay Christian' Movement 
Refuting the Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration
"Slain in the Spirit," non-Christian and unbiblical!
Speaking in Tongues? (Long version)
Speaking in Tongues? (Short Version)


And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars,

be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be;

but the end shall not be yet. Mark 13:7

Are These the Last Days?
The Book of Hebrews and the End of the Age
The "Coming" of Christ at the Great White Throne Judgment
Messianic Eschatology
Is there a rapture, and if so, when will it take place?
The Hebrew Concept of Time
A Liars Revival

General Information

Study to shew thyself approved unto God,

a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,

rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

10 Ways to Improve Your Church Worship Service (added 12/21/02)
10 More Ways to Improve Your Church Worship Service (added 12/21/02)
Arminian Thinking About Grace (added 11/20/06)
Even More Ways to Improve Your Church's Worship Service (added 12/21/02)
95 Theses Martin Luther nailed to the Wittenburg church door
Abortion, Baal Worship, and Breast Cancer
Age of Opportunity Book Review (added 4/1/02)
The Apostasy Sweeping Over the Churches
Edward Welch's When People Are Big and God Is Small Book Review (added 3/1/02)
God's Lesser Glory: The Diminished God of Open Theism Book Review (added 8/18/01)
Ignorant & Unenlightened
The Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Authority of the Bible
The New Testament As It Gained Acceptance by the Early Church (added 8/10/02)
Millard Erickson's Christian Theology Book Review (added 8/19/01)
Reading list of Christian Books
Robert Peterson's Hell on Trial Book Review
On Pastors and Deacons (added 9/29/01)
Pharisees and Sadducees (added 12/25/02)
Profile of a Pharisee
Persecution of Christians Growing in the United States
Postmodern Worship Needs (added 1/15/02)
Predestination, Free Will, and Sin: A Tension Resolved by Grace (under contruction 1/18/08)new
Protestant Thought: Calvinism & Arminianism (added 7/12/05)
The "Others" Crucified with the Lord
Semi-Pelagian or Semi-Augustinian? (added 5/22/07)
Society of Evangelical Arminians Statement of Faith (2/19/08)new
Soul Winners Not Welcome in World Religions Organizations
Take Heed How You Hear! by John Piper (added 5/26/02) 
True Christian Union and the Devil's Counterfeit
Thomas Oden's Paleo-Orthodoxy (added 12/10/02)
Thomas Oden's The Living God Book Review (added 8/15/01)
Various Book Absracts Book Reviews (added 3/14/02) 
Wayne Grudem's Bible Doctrine Book Review 
The Wesleyan Perspective (added 12/25/04)
Wesleyan Perspective on Sanctification (added 12/23/04)
What did early Christians believe
What Happened to the Fire? Book Review
Where is the True Church of God?
Who Needs Theology? Book Review

False Teaching

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers,

transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed

into an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:13-14

Answering the Jesus Seminar (false teachers)
Beware of Fakes
False teachers
Looking at the Toronto Blessing
Has Toronto destroyed many past revivals?
Rick Joyner: Christian Gnostic
Rick Joyner: Christian Gnostic. Part 2: Gnosticism
The Final Quest - A Review and Critique


The Lights The story of a Christian and his motorcycle (added 2/11/02)

In The News

 "As the navel is set in the centre of the human body, so is the land of Israel the navel of the world... situated in the centre of the world, and Jerusalem in the centre of the land of Israel, and the sanctuary in the centre of Jerusalem, and the holy place in the centre of the sanctuary, and the ark in the centre of the holy place, and the foundation stone before the holy place, because from it the world was founded." Midrash Tanchuma, Qedoshim. 

A cornerstone for 3rd Temple?
BBC's own expert attacks Jesus series
Myths of the Middle East


The Bible

Have you read the #1 Best Selling Book?
History of the English Bible
Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy with Exposition
Why Do We Need "Thee" and "Thou"?
"And These Three Are One" A Case For the Authenticity of 1 John 5:7-8
The "Dake's Bible"



Are we saved by correct doctrine? (added 8/13/01)
Can God Create A Rock so big that He cannot  move it? (added 3/25/06)
Why does God allow evil in the World? (added 6/4/02)
Ezekiel's wheels (added 3/3/02)
The Most Annoying Arguments Arminians & Calvinists Face From Each Other (added 8/13/01)
Predestination and Free Will - Do They Go Together? (updated 5/10/07)
Is Regeneration the Work of God? (added 9/28/03)
Systematic Theology, the Divine Comedy (6/27/01)
What about KJV-onlyism? (added 7/8/02)
What is the purpose of grace for people who never believe? (added 1/13/08)new


In the Beginning was the Presumption
Noah's Ark - A Modern Tale
Of Governments and Cows
An honest encounter at the door
Only my Motorcycling buddies will understand...
Overclocked Jesus (added 3/15/02)
Ascended Master Jesus (added 10/8/04, 83 MB .mov)

Modern Proverbs -Modern Wisdom.

Miscellaneous Other Interests

Eric's Motorcycling Do-It-Yourself Page




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