The real question is who is the church or by what name maythis Church be called? We answer, By name of its founder and instituter-Christ.Hence it is the "Church of Christ" or "Church ofGod," for God founded it on the Rock Christ Jesus; or "Christians,"as they were known in early times. (Acts 11:26; 26:28, and I Pet.4:16.; But because Paul and the other disciples were not followersof Calvin's teachings, therefore they were not called Calvinists;because they were not followers of Luther's teachings and example,therefore they were not called Lutherans; but because they followedthe ONE example and teachings of CHRIST only, therefore they gladlyacknowledged it when they were called "Christians."

What think you, do we not occupy the only ground for union?Or suppose that all man-made creeds, and forms, and prayer-books,and liturgies, and names were laid aside, or that all Christiansmet in the one name of Christ, and in earnest simplicity studiedHIS words under the direction of God's Spirit and the explanationsfurnished in the Apostle's writtings' would there long be seriousdifferences even of opinion in the Church

And so, by whatsoever names men may call us, it matters notto us; we acknowledge none other name than "the only namegiven under heaven and among men"-Jesus Christ. We call ourselvessimply CHRISTIANS and we raise no fence to separate from us anywho believe in the foundation stone of our building mentionedby Paul: "That Christ died for our sins according to theScriptures"; and those for whom this is not broad enoughhave no right to the name Christian.


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