Okay several people have asked for permission to get at the midi files that are used on this site. I cannot allow access to file directories because as it is I've got enough people trying to crash this site without opening up an invitation to them to crash the server. Therefore I'm simply allowing you to see some of the midi files so that you can down load them if you wish.


Bear in mind, I don't own these files

Cripple Creek

Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Kirk's Breakdown (The StarTrek theme bluegrass style)

Peanuts theme

Cheers theme

Mission impossible 2 theme

Peter Gunn

Pinball Wizard

Pink Panther theme

Can't remember who does this, but they used it in the title music of the movie 12 Monkeys


Can't remember this one either, but it's the theme music for the Art Bell Radio show, Coast to Coast AM

Amazing Grace

Beer Barrol Polka

Dust in the wind


Nother song I cannot remember

Bad memory -don't know

Love potion #9

Pulp Fiction theme

Bag Pipes

Kiss from a rose

I dunno?

Still haven't found what I'm looking for

Strangers in the night

The theme from the movie The Saint

With or without you


Cats in the Cradel

Modanna's Kiss from a Stranger

Roller Coaster of love


The entertainer

Liberty Bell March

Glen Miller -In the Mood


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