Mirror Extendaz: See Where You've Been

What are Mirror Extendaz? Mirror Extendaz are a solution to a problem that nearly all sportbikes have: the inability to view anything directly behind your motorcycle with the stock mirrors. Mirror Extendaz work by spacing each mirror out an additional inch to allow greater visibility rearward without the need to tuck in an elbow and bobb your head.

With Mirror Extendaz installed on your bike you will be able to see tailgaters and cars coming up behind you at a stop, as well as keep track of your riding buddies behind you.

Mirror Extendaz are made from a hard vulcanized rubber that is suitable for dampening your mirrors, yet stiff enough not to flex in the wind. It is the same type of rubber used in engine mounts.

Mirror Extendaz work and are an inexpensive solution to a universal problem and cost only $25.00 a set. Email Eric at eric@ovrlnd.com to place an order.


2000-03 ZX9R Mirror Extendaz kit includes two mirror extenders and four longer mounting studs for your extisting mirrors


Not Ugly!

Forward view of a 2001 ZX-9R with the mirror extenders mounted

Rearward view of the lefthand mirror


Upward view of the righthand mirror with a Mirror Extendaz installed

 Seated view of the mirrors with a set of Mirror Extendaz installed. Notice the increased rearward view in the mirrors. In the righthand mirror you can see a bit of the mini van which is to the left of the bike. These things work!

Position of the bike in relationship to the cars for the mirror photos above.



Mirror Extendaz mounted on a Honda VFR

Nice finish

See things that you've never seen before.

Behold the Mirror Extendaz