Predestination, Free Will and Sin: A Tension Resolved by Grace

This is the index page that began with a question as to how predestination and free will could both be true. Subsequently I've extended the discussion to include topics such as how grace normally works with the fallen human condition, the relationship between sin and grace that grew out of a question how free will and predestination fit together. The extended discussion further explores the normative way God communicates to non-Christians, the special way God communicates to believers, as well as practical issues concerning sanctification or living out life under the banner of grace.


The Question that Started it All

Predestination, Free Will and Sin: A Tension Resolved by Grace

Expanatory Notes


Prevenient Grace—As defined from the Beacon Dictionary of Theology
Background of the Argument by way of Systematic Theology
Follow up Question Concerning Theological Method

Theological History

The views of Pelagius and Augustine

Theological Teaching

Discussion Question: Grace and Sin
The False Antithesis Between Monergism and Synergism
Oden's Schema of Prevenient Grace
The fallacy of God's will vs. Man's will
Is God's Knowledge the Cause of All Things?
What About Pharaoh?


Arminianism isn't Pelagian or semi-Pelagian, it is semi-Augustinian
What of Original Sin, the Total Depravity of man?
Are you saying that any man who doesn't reject God will be saved?
I just don't see that much difference between choosing to accept and choosing to reject God.
Are we sinners because we sin, or do we sin because we are sinners?

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A Short Listing of Proof Texts for Prevenient Grace


Follow up 1
Follow up 2


Living out Life in Grace