Did Jesus Die For All?
(The Gospel Of Inclusion/Christian Universalism)
May 15, 2002


Why This Topic  

Very well-known pastor and evangelist Carlton Pearson of Higher Dimensions Family Church (5000 members) in Tulsa, Oklahoma ran for mayor of Tulsa in February 2002.  Being that he failed to win the Republican primary, that ended his bid for mayor.  First, if God called Carlton to the ministry, why is Carlton going to rise up one day and go into politics?  Personally, I doubt God laid that on his heart but the Devil certainly did because of other heresies in his life.  Modern-day so-called servants of God, such as Carlton Pearson, start searching for other careers apart from ministry once they become weary with God, knowingly or unknowingly, and start grabbing at everything out there that is ungodly.

After Carlton Pearson's loss, he told Eric Tiansay of Charisma News Service ( March 19, 2002 ) that the "majority of Tulsa, Oklahoma churches decried his controversial doctrine, which espouses that everyone is already saved ­ they just don't know it" ("Carlton Pearson's 'Gospel of Inclusion' Cost Mayoral Bid," Eric Tiansay, Charisma News Service, March 19, 2001).  

The article went on to say that Carlton Pearson's controversial doctrine is "'The Gospel of Inclusion,' which also questions the existence of a literal hell" (Ibid.). This Gospel of Inclusion is sometimes called "Christian Universalism." 

Pearson told Charisma that it was after him reading E.W. Kenyon's writings some 25 years ago, and 7 years ago his in-depth studying of the subject, that brought him to begin teaching this doctrine three years ago.  Pearson believes it's scriptural but was confronted over this by other Charismatics such as John Hagee, Marilyn Hickey, and Oral Roberts, and denounced by a few others.

"Pearson noted that fellow black preachers, including Charles Blake, G.E. Patterson and T.D. Jakes, are familiar to some extent with inclusionism" (Ibid.).  

A week or so later those three black preachers denounced Carlton's "Gospel of Inclusion" and they issued statements dismissing "any knowledge or support of Pearson's doctrine" ("Leading Pastors Denounce 'All Saved' Gospel,'" Charisma News Service, March 27, 2002 ).  

T.D. Jakes further stated that he sees that doctrine as "heresy," and he was shocked to see his name associated with such doctrine.  Pearson reportedly did apologize to the three gentlemen concerning the matter.

Interjection:  E.W. Kenyon was a Baptist minister whose works were widely read by Pentecostals of the "Oneness" persuasion and of Charismatics as well.  His writings influenced even well-known Charismatic ministers of our day such as Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Charles Capp, T.L. Osborn, and of course, Carlton Pearson to name a few.  

            Please don't misunderstand, those espousing the inclusionary theology are not saying that all religious roads lead to the one true God, but what they are saying is equivalent in heresy which is mankind will eventually be saved because of God's grace.  Those of this persuasion appear to be ordinary Believers because they do believe that there is one God; they believe in the inerrancy of the Bible; they may or may not believe in the trinity (usually Modalists); they believe Jesus is the Son of God and that He resurrected; and most even say they believe that the Holy Spirit is a person.  But, the problem comes with the belief that there can't be a real hell because all people, in the end, will bow the knee to Jesus Christ and every tongue will confess that He is Lord (Philippians 2:10-11).  Come on! Even now, when Satan goes before God you'd better believe he bows before Him even though He hates Him with a pink passion and that still doesn't change the fact that Satan is going to hell in the end.  So will it be with Jesus ­ those who hate Him, and are on their way to hell will bow before Him and confess His Lordship and still will not be saved in the end. Unbelievers will not be saved in the end because of God's grace nor because of His infinite goodness and love.  They will not be saved because they will have elected not to follow after Jesus with their whole hearts, minds, and souls, and therefore God will have no mercy upon them who are  not in covenant with Him. 

The Gospel Of Inclusion Is Yet Alive In The Church  

First, the Word of God is to the Believers ­ those who want to walk in His Word, not the unbelievers or the children of disobedience.  Apostle Paul said in Romans 5:9 that those in the Body of Christ are now justified by Jesus' blood and will be saved from wrath through Him.  Doesn't this mean that someone is going to have to experience the wrath of God upon them?  Yes, and it is the non-followers of Jesus, and God is unbending when it comes to His wrath falling upon the disobedient ­ those not in covenant with Him.

Those of this persuasion believe that God's salvation is available to all people, and this is true, but people, as free moral agents, have to choose to want to be saved.  God does not willy-nilly save every single person just because He created them. This doctrine teaches that all people will be saved because God is Love and He is impartial, and He would not create people knowing that they are destined to go to hell.  What these ministers and other church-going people who have bought into this heresy cannot see or understand is that in this belief, there is no need to share or witness about God and His Word because no one has to choose to love and serve Him.  This means there is no need for morals, and humans have no free will to choose to do what is morally right. It doesn't matter.  What would be the use in doing right ­ just do whatsoever makes you feel good because God doesn't care. You're saved any way! That doctrine is unscriptural and consequently Christian Universalism or the Gospel of Inclusion is heretical even from its inception back in the early church (Clement of Alexandria; Origen).  Carlton Pearson and all subscribing to this heretical belief are on the road to the literal hell.

The Lamb Died For His Friends, Only  

Saints of God, Jesus never said He gave Himself a ransom for "all" or to free "all" from punishment because He and the Father created them, but it was Apostle Paul who said that Jesus

"gave Himself a ransom for all" (2 Timothy 2:6),

Paul's words don't supersede Jesus' Words.  

Grace is a free gift, and it is by His grace that we are saved, provided mankind reaches out and grabs a hold of the Lord Jesus and His Word so that they continue on the path of salvation, thus eternal happiness and not damnation.  Jesus was here to redeem all from iniquity and sanctify all, but the "all" is for "all who accepts Him" and not "all" as in every single solitary person on this earth. Those who have not accepted this redemption and sanctification are separated from God and are of another father ­ Satan.  With that being the case, it can hardly be justified in one's belief that all people are saved because God, who is a good God, wouldn't create them for damnation in the end.  Yes He did.

Jesus is the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world (John 1:29 ), but again, when He knocks on the door of one's heart to be let into their life, they have to willingly open up and let Him in.  On the other hand though, all people in the world don't willingly open up and welcome Jesus into their lives.  Those that don't, have chosen not to love Him but instead to love the world, the flesh, and the Devil ­ their father.   Those choosing not to love and obey Jesus are sinners ­ they are transgressors of the Law ­ God's Word, His High Holy Standard.  He that commits sin is of the Devil (I John 3:8) and will be judged and punished for ignoring the holy standard.  The world couldn't be judged without a standard before them and Jesus was and yet is that standard.

"If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloke for their sin" (John 15:22 ).  

            Yes, God wants all men to be saved, but saved by the groundwork which he has laid  down ­ and that alone ­ and in the strictest sense.  Those who don't follow God's path to eternal happiness surely have hell fire awaiting them.  I hardly think God lied about all of this.  Besides, God cannot lie.

"Greater love hath no man than this,  that a man lay down His life for His Friends.  Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you" (John 15:13 ).  

The obedient are children of God, friends of God. These are the people Christ died for ­ not all.

Jesus Had Power Over All Flesh, But  

"As thou hast given Him[Jesus] power over all flesh, that He should give eternal life to as many as thou has given Him" (John 17:2).  

Jesus said "as many," not "all" will He give eternal life to, but the Gospel of Inclusion makes this null and void as it does everything Jesus preached on the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31-46); many called but few chosen (Matthew 22:2-14); and the strait and wide gates (Matthew 7:13-14).  Jesus clearly said "all" will not be saved!  Most will be lost or damned, but He never said everyone created will be saved and that there is no hell fire for punishing the unsaved.  The Gospel of Inclusion is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Based on that, Christian Universalism says the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a lie, and we all know that God cannot lie.  Saints, Carlton Pearson and the likes are in error with this doctrine and his salvation is in jeopardy.

In Conclusion          

If in the end God is going to bring the whole of mankind to the place of holiness and happiness, why does the Bible speak about a place called hell?  Why do we even have the Bible?

            Matthew 20:16 reads, . . . for many be called, but few chosen.  The word "called" in the Greek is kletos, meaning "appointed"; and "chosen" in the Greek is eklektos, meaning "elected." 

Called:      Named or appointed by The Father and The Son in the beginning for salvation.  

Chosen :    In the end, elected or selected by The Father and The Son to possess the kingdom as The Son rules and reigns.   

To begin with, yes, we have been called and it is a holy calling.  However, based upon one's walk with The Lord, they will or will not be chosen to possess the kingdom.

"For many are called, but few are chosen" (Matthew 22:14 ). 

Called: We are appointed by God for salvation because He knows the hearts of man and knew those that would love Him from the beginning of time, which means all people are not appointed. 

Chosen : We are elected or selected by Christ to be His Bride, to possess the kingdom as He rules and reigns, provided we are found with faith/righteousness when He returns after The Tribulation.

John 3:15 reads, That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. First of all, believing in Jesus is having faith in Him for salvation, and does not end there by having said the sinner's prayer. That is only the beginning.  If we truly have Christ in us as 1 Corinthians 1:30 says, then He is our WISDOM to follow after God · He is our RIGHTEOUSNESS/FAITH to believe God is all that He says He is and will do all that He says He will do · He is our SANCTIFICATION to walk before God the Father in a pure and holy state of obedience to His Commandments · He is our REDEMPTION to be delivered from sin and remaining that way. With all of this, we have got to believe in Jesus.  If the believer scarcely makes it in to the Kingdom, then nil are the chances for those who never knew our Lord.

            Ephesians 1:4 tells you, " . . . he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love . . . ."  Beloved, in the beginning, God chose or called us, the obedient Believers, before the foundation of the world thus putting our names in His Lamb's Book of Life.  Just like one's name was written in, it can be blotted out (Exodus 32:32-33; Revelations 17:8), and will come out due to lack of obedience  and holiness. Sin! Stop being foolish and know that if Satan and the rebellious Angels lost Heaven, and they were higher than we are, plus already in God's presence, then know that people here on earth can lose their salvation as well and go to hell as can those who never had salvation. If we can lose our salvation, and the Word of God tells us so, why is God going to let some joker who never knew Him, enjoy eternal happiness in His presence. No way!  This Gospel of Inclusion is unscriptural and is straight from hell.

            Carlton Pearson said he is "trying to get away from the picture of an angry, intolerant God.  I don't see God that bitter"  ("Carlton Pearson's 'Gospel of Inclusion' Cost Mayoral Bid" by Eric Tiansay.  Charisma News Service, March 19, 2001 ).  

Saints, that's the Devil tricking Carlton Pearson because God does get angry at sin and He's deeply hurt by it, speaks against it, and metes out punishment.  There is a word to Carlton Pearson and others out there teaching what he's teaching, and it is

"By few people being saved, it does not make God a loser and Satan the victor.  Satan himself will be right there with the rest of the damned."  

In the end, by putting everybody under the cover of salvation to make God look like the victorious one matters not to Him.  He's not about looking good in the eyes of man, but is about holiness and eternal happiness for as many or as few capitalizing on the gift of salvation.  Carlton Pearson has been a pastor for 20 years, and for the last three of those 20 years he decided he's going to work with Satan on leading folks to hell.  He is obviously sick and tired of God, and the holiness required of His people.  That's probably why, Pearson has up and decided to get into politics because God surely didn't direct him to.  It's stuff like this that happens in the lives of Saints when they grow weary of God.

·        Jesus came to save people from their sin (Matthew 1:21 ).

·        Jesus came to call "sinners to repentance" (Matthew 9:12 -13).

·        Jesus said, "except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God " (John 3:3).

·        Jesus came "to seek and to save that which was lost" (Luke 19:10 ).  

When people choose to go through life outside of salvation, they make the choice to not have Jesus reign over them.  Remember, the parable of the nobleman (Jesus) and his ten servants whom he gave 10 pounds (Word of God) and he told them to occupy until He returns?  Those people hated Him and said

"We will not have this man to reign over us" (Luke 19:14 ).

When the nobleman returned He asked the people to account for the money He'd given them (account for the kind of life you've lived based on my Word that I gave you).  Two did something with the money (lived by the Word of God), but the third one did nothing - left the money sitting there (left the Bible sitting on the coffee table, if indeed he did own one).  The third man was called "wicked by the Nobleman (Jesus) and had what was given him taken away thus leaving him as one who did not want the Nobleman to rule over them and was slain or eternally damned.  This Gospel of Inclusion is apostasy.