Eric Landstrom -MotorHead Christian

I can imagine the hoolies saying to themselves, "Oh man, is nothing sacred?"

I truly enjoy hooning around.

When you equate noise with speed.

At the time, I thought Harleys were fast. Truth be known, at 100 mph they only seem like they're fast with everything seemingly about ready to rattle apart.

Of course, at the time, I thought I was cool, and my Ninja was fast back in 1987.

That's before I realized, an epiphany of sorts, that nothing is fast enough. Ever.

My STS only had 300 hp out of the box. I fixed that problem. It is now the only Caddy I know of that does 0-60 in six seconds and with the gearing change, it is one of the few cars that I know of that you can set the cruise control and calmly watch the scenery rush by at 150 mph.

In the never ending quest for speed, these days I take my antics to the track.

In the land of 205 mph Hondas, watch out for 220 mph camera bikes!


Always style for the shutterbugs.


By popular demand, welcome to the Do-It-Yourself files.

You think you and your bike are fast and you're wondering what to do? Think Track Day!

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