A day at the track. Here we see the Dunlop track side service where I announced I would be hanging out in the shade between track sessions.

The trackside tip is to befriend the local tire guy.


This young guy ran into a bit of poor luck when he crashed his bike at 60 mph in front of me on the fourth lap of the first session of the day. He is on the phone calling around trying to find a new left-hand clip-on and front brake lever so he can ride home. Eventually he purchased a pair of aftermarket clip-ons at the track to get sorted.

During the day two more people fell off of their bikes without injury. Why is this guy standing around without injury? Because he wears protective gear and doesn't strap it to the side of bike.



Darren Hickey, the local Dunlop guy, sets me up with a new front tire.

Thanks Darren!

  Darren doesn't charge anything to mount and balance tires and I dare you to find a new Dunlop D218 for $75.00.


A pretty girl trying out the fit of some leathers she was thinking of purchasing sitting on my bike.

Track days aren't just for men and the girls have the added advantage of better power to weight ratios than us guys.

  Jenefé surrounded by a sea of yellow bodywork fresh from the painter.

  Jenefé's husband, Mark, takes a break from installing three sets of bodywork on Screaming Yellow Racing's race bikes that he is getting ready for racing at BIR.


This is what happens to brand new tires inside of twenty minutes out on the track.

Track days are hard on tires but the track is the place to cut lose and let out those inner yah-yahs.


My well-flogged ZX-9R back at home.


My only regret: I forgot to bring along a cable so that I could video on track antics.

Next time....

  Powering out of a corner on a different day when my video was all hooked up and working. Watch the video (Quicktime required).
  If it rains, make certain you bring rain gear. Believe it or not, you can run at a pretty good clip in the rain.
The fellow passing on the outside is on the faster of the two lines through the carrousel. The trouble is that with the passing rain, there is a big puddle on the exit of the outside line. You can see that play out in the following series of photos.
What are you doing there?
Gas it!







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