Author of "Lectures on Revivals ofReligion," "Sermons on Gospel Themes," etc.


These Lectures to Professing Christians,by President Charles G. Finney, were delivered in the City ofNew York during the years 1836 and 1837.

Notes of them were taken by the editor ofthe New York Evangelist as they were delivered. They were afterwardrevised by the author and printed in book form and many thousandssold. They were also printed in England. The book has been outof print in this country for years The frequent calls for it,and the hope of increasing the usefulness of these lectures have,led me to give them anew to the public. E. J. G.

Chapter 1 - SelfDeceivers

Chapter 2 - FalseProfessors

Chapter 3 - DoubtfulActions Are Sinful

Chapter 4 - Reproofa Christian Duty

Chapter 5 - TrueSaints

Chapter 6 - LegalReligion

Chapter 7 - Religionof Public Opinion

Chapter 8 - Conformityto the World

Chapter 9 - Trueand False Repentance

Chapter 10 -Dishonesty in Small Matters Inconsistent With Honesty in Anything

Chapter 11 -Bound to Know Your True Character

Chapter 12 -True and False Conversions

Chapter 13 -True Submission

Chapter 14 -Selfishness Not True Religion

Chapter 15 -Religion of the Law and Gospel

Chapter 16 -Justification By Faith

Chapter 17 -Sanctification By Faith

Chapter 18 -Legal Experience

Chapter 19 -Christian Perfection

Chapter 20 -Christian Perfection

Chapter 21 -The Way of Salvation

Chapter 22 -The Necessity of Divine Teaching

Chapter 23 -Love is the Whole of Religion

Chapter 24 -Rest of the Saints

Chapter 25 -Christ the Husband of the Church